7/11/1956 - 14/12/2014

FUNERAL: MON 29TH DEC 2014 12.30pm
LE11 2AF

Tony's family warmly invite all after the funeral service to join them
in remembering and sharing memories of Tony over refreshments at:
LE11 2AB

It is with great sadness that I write to announce that Master Tony Francis has Passed away. He died peacefully on the evening of Sunday 14th Dec 2014. Every Member of the Tetsudo Family joins me in sending our deepest condolences to his wife Pat, His Mother, Brothers Glenn, Floyd, Steve, Ronnie; Sisters Diane, Denise, Dindy, Mar and Uncle Charles and all members of his large and wonderful family.

Tony started training with me at the Saracens Head Club in Loughborough in 1975 and quickly established himself as a student of exceptional talent with an insatiable thirst for learning and wanting to better himself in every dimension of his Life. His single biggest asset and the defining quality of his Life was the complete absence of arrogance in his personality. This single vital virtue made him a most 'Special Student' because it enabled him to 'take Compliments with a gentle Humility and take criticism and correction with a calm Understanding'.

He so much loved his training but his training was never absent minded. It always had a purpose, a 'feel' about it and he was always fascinated by the myriad of ways in which the Human Body expresses itself through movement. The house he lived in at that time was on my track of walk to work and so many times as I walked past his house early in the morning I would hear Tony and his brother Glenn training in their back garden after he had just finished a night-shift!...and before Glenn went to work! Tony progressed quickly through the Grading Ranks and achieved the coveted Rank of Black-Belt in Jan 1981 and 23 years later in 2004 was appointed to the rank of MASTER OF THE ART OF TETSUDO. Master Tony Francis was the ultimate Artist. An Icon amongst Icons, a Legend amongst Legends.

Tony was fascinated by the wonders of the Natural World....from how different animals moved to how different times of the day gave rise to different qualities of light. This fascination found it's expression in his 'other passion of Art'. With canvas, paint and brush he produced hundreds of beautiful images of his observations. He was recently learning under the guidance of David Gibbs the technique of lino-printing. He went to night school to learn glass-blowing and became a competent artisan in that field.

Tony was part of and at the forefront of the 'magical decades' of the Art Form the 70's and 80's. His support for the Association was tireless throughout his nearly 40 years and he believed passionately in the 'Wholeness of the Association'. Even a week before his Passing he said to me " I believe the Art Form and the Association is like the Human Body. It is strongest and best when all the pieces work together instead of little bits trying to do their own thing"

I cannot find words to express the depth and extent of the loss we all feel and in our own personal ways, this loss is profound and irreplaceable. But...... 'whenever we witness the raw power of Nature in the thunder and winds, whenever we see the daylight change, whenever we see a leaf gently swaying in the breeze, whenever we see a cat move, We Shall Remember Master Tony Francis'.

Ustad B.S.Dhaliwal.

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