What is Tetsudo

The Creator of the Tetsudo Concept was Maha Ustad (Supreme Teacher), Masu Tetsura, who addressed his collection of ideas, thoughts and training formats simply as the 'ART FORM '.

After his death in 1966, his sole student Guru Ustad (Venerable Teacher) B.S. Dhaliwal coined the word GOYARARU in 1968 at age of seventeen to describe these Concepts.

After a long period of time and reflection Guru Ustad Dhaliwal began to recognise that the wordGOYARARU did not adequately describe the full depth and richness of the Maha Ustad's thoughts. Therefore in 1994, after a full consensus of all Instructors and senior students it was decided to reform the ' Art Form' as TETSUDO - The Way of Tetsura. In honour and recognition of the late Master.

The current custodian is Guru Ustad B.S.Dhaliwal, the sole student of Maha Ustad Tetsura, and all present and past students of the Art are, in turn, students of Ustad Dhaliwal.

"The true art, clarifies, and brings into harmony the interrelated and intermingled workings of time, space, body, bones, muscles, nerves, consciousness, subconsciousness, and unconsciousness, and opens the way for a better understanding between US and the WORLD that surrounds us."

"The true art cannot be learned without intelligent observation, gratitude, and an intense desire to improve oneself". 
Maha Ustad Tetsura

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