29 October 2017

Tetsudo National Championships 2017

The Tetsudo National Championships 2017 will be open to all grades from children and new beginners, up through to Blackbelts.
Spectators free and very welcome - It will be a most enjoyable day, please come and support friends and family!
Provisionally the events will be as follows
Under 16 Shaman Kedh
Under 16 Chakran
Junior Kedh Shaman
Junior Kedh Chakran
Kedh Shere Var
Kedh Shish Shaan
Under 16 pairs Freestyle
Junior Pairs Freestyle
Senior Fusion Freestyle
Senior Competitive freestyle
Team Freestyle
Black Belt Kedh
Black Belt Fusion Freestyle
Black Belt Competitive Freestyle
Doors will open at 09:00 for registration and the event will start at 9:30
The events and prize giving ceremonies should all be completed by 5.00 pm.
See you there!

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